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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Break!!!!

Hey everyone!
Hope your guys Holidays were great! I don't know about you, but Im on break!(: If your on break too, here is some things you can do to keep yourself from being bored all day!
• Play an instrument! ( i play the harmonica and if it will let me i will post a video of me playing it!)
• Dance! It's the perfect time to dance because you don't have to worry about school or anything! You can just do whatever!
• Help around the house. Ok, so i know that's not your favorite one but its something to do, and you never know you might get some money!
But there you have it i really hope it helps!

If you want to request a blog you can email me at: elaina_loves_pets@yahoo.com

Byee! Hope you guys have a great break! Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Script Writing!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry i havent been posting in a while but i have been keeping up with school and everything. But anywayz we are writing scripts at D'Alto. We are writing one for our christmas production. Can't tell you what its about yet but when we preform it i will be sure to inform ya! But anyways here are the steps you will need for writing a script.

• Come up with a story
• Add characters
• And write down things about the characters like, are they funny, smart, annoying something that is a trait.
• Make back grounds. Are they at the store, in their room, at a coffe shop?
• Write a script!
For the most part its easy! So what are you waiting for?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Acting Games!!!

Ayee Guys!
So i was in my acting class and we love to play games. There were tons we got to choose from so ere are some

1. Blink Murder
2. Improve
3. Proffeser
4. Get into the circle
5. Party
6. Commercial
And many more

If you have a question of to what any of these are. Please comment below and i will be happy to help! I hope this is helpful!!!! Thanks Bye!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School....

Ok so most of us are going back to school. Most of us are going to be to busy for anything other than school work. I have a plan for myself though, i am going to stay foucused on EVERYTHING! Its not going to be easy i can tell you that. Here is my schedual and mabye you can make one for your self too(:

After school-
1. Eat a snack
2. Homework
3. Chores(cleaning room,vaccuming,etc.)
4. Run( i run around my neiborhood once a day )
5. Work on scripts/songs/dance numbers
6. Do anything that needs to be dome

It dosent take long when you have it all planed out. That way you dont get to say " i diddnt have time" or "i forgot" you get to said i did it.

Have a great school year everyone!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Acting Tips

Hey Everyone!

So have i mentioned that i love acting? Cause I DO! I think it is the best thing EVER! Here are some tips so you can be a better actor/actress:

1. Learn acsents
You never know what roles there are involving acsents. You may want a role but not get it because you dont have te right acsents!
2. Reaserch your role
You never know what your getting into. My acting teacher said that she once got a role that she knew nothing about. And she had to do somethings she diddnt want to do.
3. Be creative
You dont want to just stand there with a blank look on your face, have emotions!
4. Memorize
Memorize you skript.
5. Have personality
You may be a great actor but you have not got a chance at getting a role if you have no personality.

Hope these helped with your acting skills
Break a Leg!(:

My acting teacher, Alax

Singing tips

Hi Everyone!,

I LOVE singing alot. So here are some tips I use while singing...

1. Have lots of energy! Even if its a slow song!
2. If your sitting, sit straight up on the edge of your chair.
3. Over pronounce your words. Sometimes we get caught in the music and someone out there dosent know the song. So the wont be able to tell what you are singing.
4. You dont look stuipid. So many talented singers just let there talent go down the drain. All because of when they get on stage or at an audition they are afraid that they will look stuipid. If you do this than so many people will never know your true talent. I have done this quite a bit and it is teribble! So just relax and show people what you can do!
5. Drop your jaw! So many people have great voices only you can understand what they are saying because their jaw is not dropped!

Hope this helped with your singing(:

My singing teacher Jennifer

Dance Wear!

Hello Everyone,

If we have any dancers out there than they know what I am about to say. Dance wear is very important. Here is a list of what you should NOT wear:

1. Anything that costs alot of monet
Things can be easily stolen or forgoten
2. Jewelry
Things can easily fall off while dancing and can cause either danger or distraction.
3. Bulkey clothes
Always have something that shows your legs, it is easier to see what your body is doing. Unless your doing Hip Hop.
4. Shoes that will mark the dance floor
Well...there is really not alot of explaining to do on that one(:

And here is a list of what you SHOULD wear:
1. Jazz Shoes
There are way easier than tennis shoes and this may sound stuipid but they make you feel like your the best dancer!
2. A T-shirt or fitted top
Long sleeves will obviously make you hot. I prefer a fitted top because than your shirt is not loose and flopping around.
3. Shorts/legging/short skirt
Shorts or leggings are good for about any kind of dance. A skirt is only for ballet.
4. Thin socks
With Jazz shoes you dont have to wear socks. But if you have to wear tennis shoes make sure to wear thin socks. This helps prevent nasty,stinky,gross feet(:

Hope this helped with your dancing wordrobe(:

My dance teacher, Amy